When catastrophic rainfall hits, the resulting floods can be deadly and cost billions of dollars in economic losses. In the Americas, floods cause more loss of life and property than any other natural event. Water sources are polluted, infrastructure is damaged and recovery from water damage often takes time. We can help. We have the experience and the knowledge to design, build and operate fluid management systems for a wide range of applications. Our goal is prevent and if not respond to water related impact.

Sector Focus



Municipalities in our target markets will continue to invest heavily to increase water and wastewater coverage for their constituents. A strong focus is made on renewal of aging distribution networks, secondary wastewater treatment, and asset management. Flood control & dewatering are a VERY strong consumer for municipal Water Infrustructure spending.



Water is still the cheapest mode of transportation for heavy freight. Countries with large water bodies are investing heavily in new river navigability projects, dredging of waterways, channels and harbours in order to maintain existing navigation capacities, increase capacities or even open up new routes to diversify transportation networks.



Every year, we work to meet the environmental sustainability goals of our fortune 500 clients. Clients see environmental stewardship as "good business". We clean and recycle industrial wastewater and treat residue sludge to meet disposal permits. We do the dirty work so our clients can go a head manufacturing the cool stuff that improve our lives.

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Water Consumed This year (millions of litters) 


Why we work with water

Aproximate Available Water Consumption

Agriculture: 70%, Domestic: 10%, Industrial: 20% in rest of the world & 50% in developed countries.

97.5% of water is salty. Only 2.5% is drinkable if made portable. Due to water's nature (soluble), all the above activities make water unusable unless treated.

Water is indeed life- in our society, water supports ecosystems and human activity. Better water quality means a better quality of life. We make water better.

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05 August

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06 August
Aqua Weed-Control

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Water & Wastewater

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Aqua Trash Removal

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13 July

The project consists of 2 phases of  “Navigational Functional Units” or UFN’s

31 January

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Kebran wants to be a succesful multi-national Water and Wasterwater contracting company.  We are a sustainability partner to Governments and industries that want to better manage water resources.

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